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Big Mouths (Red Purple)

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I am interested in buying a Big Mouth (or Red Purple) VFT. I am wondering where on the internet these are sold. Thanks for any help!
I think you have to buy about 50 plants as a minimum order though there!
Cook's has estimated sale dates on their website.

(Edited by Alvin Meister at 2
2 pm on April 28, 2002)
guys, we arent linking directly to competitor sites are we?
) tsk tsk....
Woah, sorry there Ram Puppy. I should know better
It's OK. Bestcarnivorous plants is a UK site right? I don't think Phil and Jeff care about links that are overseas, just local US ones.

I could be totally wrong but I thought it alright to link to any other commercial site so long as it was in related to plants not available via PFT. Am I wrong? Not that I have been putting up links, I just want to make sure I don't SNAFU in ignorance.

I don't think your supposed to link to sites carrying competing products, for example if I were to link to joescps to tell you all about the cephalotous they have there, whic petflytrap does not carry, it would be ok. But is joescps carrys the venus flytrap, then there is a conflict of interests.

I have actually asked phil to clarify this, but in general, giving direct links to other commercial sites is a no no I think. (IMHO.)
bestcarnivorousplants is a Czech republic site.