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Best for aquatic life

You may have known that I have started to build a vivarium. In the vivarium I have a waterfall, that leads to a stream, then eventually to the pond. Using the false bottom method, the pond will always be circulating. In the pond, I have bought some hornworts and java moss, to give it a tropical look. Is their a cp I can use either in the pond or near the pond, that will look great while, they will be feed happily =D. There is going to be a lot of action in the soil, from decomposing plants, decomposing frog droppings, and decomposing bugs. These will create a lot of bacteria, and I'm guessing it would be a great place to plants some ultrics. So, I was wondering which ones would be prefably (i can't spell that word for some reason) prefeably argh, anyones which ones do you guys prefer that would be very pretty and not a danger to tadpoles and frogs, while being accustom to, humid and tropical surroundings. Plus they will have extra food such as daphnia.
U. gibba might do OK in the pond, although it is unlikely to look pretty. I don't think most other aquatic species would be happy in such nutrient-rich water. If the soil is peaty, you could try South American species like U. reniformis, nelumifolia, longifolia, or the weedy African species like sandersonii & livida - these last two could get out of control if they liked the conditions so be careful with them. Best of luck with the vivarium,

Yea, its a peat-based substrate perfect for some growing I'm going to look for one that flowers pretty, and have great leaves. =D