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belive it

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this is a miniature vft and what you see is the size of the mature plant 1 - 1.5 cm about 1/2"

Could we get some info about it? Those will go great with pygmy sundews.
Thanks for sharing.
what you like to know it's grow at the same conditions as normal vft
WOW! thats really cool!, thats perfect with pygmies and a small terrarium, like the terariums pft.com has!

is that a kind like red dragon and green dragon? and is that as big as it gets or does it get larger? this is very interesing
that is it's final size as mature plant!!!!!!

do you have anymore? or is that the only one you have? if you have another one and you are willing to give it up, maybe you could send it to phil and jeff, and they could TC it and make more and sell it here

just a suggestion
how old is it? looks like it has seedling leaves. some plants from tissue culture I have never get very big, must have upset their biochemistry or something.
That is AWESOME!! You should register it at the ICPS as a cultivar! Maby somthing like D.Muscipula "Pygmy" or D.Muscipula "Pin head" Or D.Muscipula "Mini-me"
I am just full of names right now!
i had a pom pom vft one time. they dont get very big, about the same size. but they dont trap, yet, there amazingly durable and tough. it, unfortunatly died, and along with it my heart. But i now have a one of a kind sarracennia [sarracennia x flava x purpera x purpera x rhubra] seedling! YAY! i will post pictures of ito nce it starts getting color.

I do pelieve that however, as you can see, the petioles are extreamly small, yet, the traps themselves are very large for the peitole size. Usually the peitoles and trap size grow both along its life.

Can we get more pictures of that arie, from different angles ect, put a dime next to it for comparison..

God does wonderful things!

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here are few more photos funny but hadn't a dime coin so I hope one cent coin would do the compare job.
I wouldn't register that have to be done but the one that make them possible and if I'm not wrong it someone from Australia and I have only 2 of them and I gone to try to make few more.



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Good lordy! i thought it was bigger, but the entire thing is smaller than a cent! Put me on your list to get one of these babies when you start cultivating them!
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Hmmmm.... that's interesting, I never seen one like this before. Could this be a new variation?
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Very nice Arie! That would be a big seller if it could be established in cultivation. Are the traps functional (for tiny bugs)?

I kinda like "Pinhead", Nep G.
Or...'Tom Thumb'? or "Gnat Trap"?...or....name that plant!

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yay, name that plant! How aobut Tiny Tim? lol, since it kind of is a handicap for the little bugger. Or springtrapper, because it sohuld be great at trapping spring hoppers.
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How about D.Muscipula "smaller than a cent"
Or D.Muscipula "Penny's worth" :biggrin: OR D.Muscipula " Teeny weeny"
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Arie wow..... thats amazing
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WOWEE!!! It's smaller that a penny!!!!!! What the heck kind of insects could it possibly be able to eat?!

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Awww thats just so darn cute!!!