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how in the world do you get the pain out
i have one on my forearm and two on my side
how it hurts a TON
Don't just pick at the stinger, you have to carefully remove it. Also Just ice it and the swelling will go down.
Sorry to hear that.  

I've heard a paste of baking soda applied to a sting can help but I can't remember if I've ever tried it.  I think I've also heard of putting a melted aspirin on a sting.

If the stinger is still in, gently scrape it out with a credit card so as not to squeeze in more venom by squeezing.

Hope you feel better soon.
Ouch! That really sucks!
Just getting stung once hurts enough. Hope can get the stingers out and a quick recovery. You know what kind of bees they are? Did you walk into a nest?

I have had several bee problems this year. Although my concoction that I made with the 2 liter has been working wonders. I have killed three nest so far and without any stings yet *knocking on wood*. I am sure my day is coming...
Till then off with their heads!!


I relize bees are good but having nests around your house is not safe when others are coming on over. I love bees and in know way tend to act mean toward them.
i was riding my bike and they flew in my shirt and on the way out stung me
by the creek near my houuse is where we have a ton of bees and i was riding on a trainl next to the creek
good news tho
i got a new bike
be thankful it wasnt a copperhead, (I got bit by one last month and it hurt realy bad my finger is still swollen&#33
I hope you feel better soon...

Wow... I've never been stung by a bee my whole life. I've learned myself a good technique: when a bee comes around you, freeze completely and it'll go away. When a bee comes chasing after you, run like the dickens and hope you outrun it

*knock on wood*
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FYI, folks, from what I know, only honey bees leave their stingers behind. Other bees and wasps don't. Do you know what kind of bee/wasp stung you? If it wasn't a honey bee, you most likely don't have stingers in you.

I've hear the baking soda paste thing works well. Also benedrill cream (the kind you use on poison ivy or mosquito bites) is good. I've been stung tons of times (the most painfull was right between my toes....oh, man that hurt&#33
, and I fully subscribe to the benedrill cream.
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Wow, where's Tim? He'd clear this one up real fast.

Killer bees can sting you as much as they want, and they do.

I've heard of toothpaste to help, but when I was little we just sprayed electronics coolant on it to numb it instantly.
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</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Vertigo @ Aug. 25 2003,11:32)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Killer bees can sting you as much as they want, and they do.  
[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
The Africanized or "killer" bee is still a bee although WAY more aggressive..  They sting you once and then they die. Wasps and hornets do not lose their stingers and they can sting you repeatedly.


Edit: For more information about the Africanized honeybee check out this site: Killer Bees

There is quite a bit of good information on that site, including a page that details what to do if attacked or stung. In answer to the original question, "Apply cold compresses to relieve pain and swelling. Do not apply ice directly."

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I never believed those home remedies for bee stings...In the end gettig stung hurts like ####. They likely say that you put tootpaste/baking soda/aloe on your sting it will come out fast or make it go away {{{{{{pft}}}}}. Just imagine getting stung in the middle of the forehead and having this glob of toothpaste over the sting. That would be funny looking - Although, I guess it is how you really sport it!
If you can not get the stinger out or if it is a wasp stink just let it bee.
In the end a bee sting hurts on average 3 to 7 days. O'well different strokes for different folks.

Now that electronic coolant may do the job as Vertigo mentioned. I have not tried it...

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my grandparents almost died from killer bee stings (they had 1000s of stingers in them&#33
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The bees this year seem to be a huge problem, it seems that there are more than ever. I was outside the other day and it seemed like the bees just wouldn't leave me alone. I didn't get stung but they are annoying.
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I've been noticing a lot of bees lately too. There are hives near me I spotted a couple, and even took some out. There are way to close for my comfort. I can't beleve those bee hive handlers telling other its "feels good" to get stung.
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Hope you feel better.
I have not been stung in years. When I had in the past, I used baking soda paste.

Get more Sars. I have a Sarracenia purpurea with 2 wasps in the pitches, Sarracenia rubra with 2 wasps, and a Sarracenia alata with 1 wasp in the pitchers.
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I haven't been stung in years... I'm alergic to wasp stings, and when i got stung 4 years ago i had to go to the doc to get medicine