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Anyone know where I can get honey bees. First, I love bees. Second, we have very few in the area. Nebraska is suffering a serious decline in its bee populace.
My fascination with bees started when I was at a store known for their honey. I was buying honey when the person in front of the line, she said want to see something fascinating. I followed her to her car, and in the back of her car, she had a mini hive of bees. Being deathly afraid of things that could hurt me, I quickly ran away. But, if you want to start a hive, there are two ways, trying to capture the wild honey bees. Which will be a difficult task, first locate their hive. Either wait for them to have a queen uprise, where a new born queen will take place of the old one. Then either the new or old queen will leave with her followers, looking for a hive, if you capture the queen, you got yourself a hive.


There is another method, buying package bee. This means,

</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">a mass of adult honeybees (2 to 5 pounds), shipped for installation in a new hive; usually contains a queen in a queen cage. There are approximately three thousand bees per pound in a package, so a 5 pound package would contain about 15,000 bees. A mature, healthy colony already established in a hive may contain up to 60,000 bees. [/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>

A good website with a lot of dealers for bees is http://www.beecare.com/Other%20sites/Bee%20Suppliers.htm
Thank you very much. Sadly I will not be able to collect here. There are VERY few bees. The State is talking about bringing hives in. There are plenty of nasty wasps and hornets though.

I had a very strange wasp move into the yard. It has made burrows in the ground (everywhere) and is the largest, fattest wasp I have ever seen. Any idea what it is?
Oh, no. My son found it on the internet. It is a bee eater wasp. GET AWAY FROM MY BEES.

I will remove it tomorrow although there are no bees. It is eating the helpless caddidads.
Nevermind. I went looking for it myself and it is a burrowing cicada eater.

He still must go. He is making a mess.
i c i c, cicada might be noisy, and disgusting, but they are no threats. So have a fun time killing the burrowing cicada eater. We have too many cicada here, I went on a camping site that was 4 hours away, they were having a cicada boom. They were EVERYWHERE, but they are friendly and don't bite, so you can pick them up and move them away. =D
They eat plant roots for most of their lives, don't they?
No, the Cicada is basically harmless. Grubs and cut worms get the roots. The grub damage around here is amazing.
Just curious, has anyone ever fed cicada to their CP?
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Cicadas are way way too big for most cps. Venus fly traps, drosera and so on. Maybe when they are young cicadas and small maybe they are feedable. You proably can feed them to your pitcher plants. Cut them up into pieces =D or if you pitcher plant can handle it the whole thing. YuMMy
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I put a cicada in my N. amp pitcher 2 days ago. Seems to be enjoying it, but time will tell. Most of the cicada, I am assuming we are talking about the same insect. I believe every 7 years a mass of adults emerges for mating. At this time, there are thousands in the trees.
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They "chirp" through the summer months. It is relaxing to listen to them.
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They are chriping outside right now, its really loud. I was walking around and one fluttered out of the bush, it scared the living day lights out of me. I just hate it when things just pop right in front of you.
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You guys are lucky to have a diverse insect population. I envy people that live in areas that have insects like fireflies, cicadas, pretty butterflies, and beetles. All I ever see around here are houseflies, earwigs, creepy wasps, and roaches. Sometimes if I'm lucky I'll see some Swallowtails, (saw one a few days ago) they're just beautiful. So even if the insect is a pest consider yourself lucky to have different bugs to look at.
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I live in the 'burbs of LA, I see quite a few insects and purty flowers. However if you live in the actual downtown of the city (like most big cities) you have your own treat. You see your share of crawling drunks, chirping tourists, aggressive stinging panhandlers, and slow migrating shoppers.

LATraphole, have you tried going to a local park or different universities? Huntington, Descanso, and the LA Arboretum are close by. You should be able to find some interesting things there.
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Bees are very common around here (washington state) but i was wondering hpow you would be able to track it down to its nest? I've tried...and no luck.
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Follow the bees =D. There are several websites that if you search for that helps you find the local bee hives. For me, I can find a bee hive quite easily, they seem to be common here also.