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Basal Shoot

What do these things look like. I have a couple of Sarrs that I think are doing it, but at the same time I think it is a weed that somehow got into my mix and chose now to sprout. Can anyone describe a basal shoot and I'll see if it sounds like what I have.
I had one once with my purpurea. It looked like a single blade of grass except there was a little notch at the top of the leaf. It made four tiny recognizable pitchers the first year. The second year it formed a small rosette of veined pitchers that were all hooded.
Hmmmm, that doesn't sound like what I have going on, I have a little rosette popping up pretty close to the rhizome. It has broad leaves. Not at all like grass.
What Sarracenia is it? If it is Leucophylla the side shoot should look like grass blades only more waxy looking. But yes, my largest Purpurea spp. Purpurea has around 6-7 growing points or other seperate plants around the main plant that is in the center of the pot. But it should be a very suitable display for my steps outside this year! Could ya get me a picture?
OK, what you are describing is NOT a basal shoot, it is called Philodia (sp?) sorry don't have my reference material here.

These are referred to as winter or spring leaves sometimes... basically, they are under developed pitchers, present for the purpose of photosynthesizing energy for the plant, in order to develop new carnivorous leaves.

Sarracenia do not produce basal shoots, they produce new growing points along the rhiozome, as it grows, expands, and branches.

Basal shoots occur on Nepenthes, when a dormany node under a leaf stem decides to grow, creating a new stem for the plant. So, recap. Basal shoots don't exist on Sarracenia.
This is not in pertainance to sarracenia, but has to do with new babies popping up, so i'll post it here, so that i dont have to make a new thread...

There is something beside my sundew that looks like a a blade of grass with a crack from the top down to about... just above the soil... Is this a baby???
what type of sundew? A question like this really does belong in the sundew topics (unless it turns out to be a sar infant!

it could be a young sundew, let it grow, if it's worth anything, keep it, if not, pull it!
Well, i figured since its just a small question i'd have ti here since i already was here... plus, i didnt wanna keep making new threads, new threads, new threads... i've got quite a few, and id ont wanna be annoying...
I already pulled the things growing in my pots, but I am really curious what on earth they are so I planted them in my seedling tray to see waht on earth was in my supposedly sterile soil.
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I have determined after many years that the concept of sterile soil is a myth. I have microwaved and baked soils to try and keep them "clean" and something always shows up later: algae, U subulata, my pregnant plant, grass, Godzilla, etc. I finally gave up figuring that the soil in nature ain't sterile and the plants live fine there so my soil didn't really need to be sterile either.

And Parasuco, don't worry about being annoying, start new threads whenever you want. I promise no one is going to get angry.

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You wouldn't like me when I'm angry....

LOL, couldn't resist, sorry.
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No one like you anyways Flint


We all like everybody here (angry or not.)

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