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back from vacation



A nice bicalcarata with a new forming pitcher. Under is a regular sized (in a mothman voice) cap-stick container. Got it from C* J*N*L*  [name protected due to pft forum restrictions
I love it... Show us a picture once the pithcer opens, eh? Hehe... I can't wait.
Will do! the pitcher is almost 1 inch tall, and is still sealed
My ventrosica just opened a 2 inch pitcher with a lot of red. More than my older ventrosica, which unfortunatley died of heat stroke. I think it may be 'Red'. Oh well, Im happy! My Bicalcarata is my biggest plant
My largest palnt in my collection are:

Number 1: Truncata

#2 Bicalcarata

#3 Ampullaria

#4 N.Ventrata
N. bicalcarata can grow to be a very large plant. I have a couple of plants that are nearly four feet across. The stems can get very thick....Make sure you have plenty of room. I keep the larger ones in 3 gallon pots, but I might have to step up to the five gallon pot soon. It should be interesting repotting. They have very nice large foliage as they grow.