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Avatar files size reminder

Reminder to keep your avatar files down around the 10k size so the forums are not bogged down for folks on dialup or other slower internet services.
Sending out more PM's to folks if their avatars are well beyond the 10k file size range..

Some tips. When using images resize it to the size of your avatar and use a lower image quality jpg format. THEN upload it for avatar use. You can take a 50k photo and turn it into 2k and still have a good picture to view. Avatars with motion naturally use more space since it is a series of images played like a movie. These have to be fairly simple to fit within the space guidelines.
Still seeing a fair number of avatars with unnecessarily large file sizes. If you have one of these don't be surprised if you get a PM from me. It is important that we all keep these down to size so the forums continue to run smoothly for all users!

ya and i think the users that have zero posts and has stayed like that be deleted to save space
Thanks to Nicholas Bostaph for helping me meet the 10 meg requirement with mine