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Australian native orchid photos.

Hi everyone,

As well as many native tuberous Drosera here in Australia, we also have hundreds of native tuberous orchid species. These are a few photos I have taken recently on field trips while looking for CP's. I thought some of you may be interested.

Firstly, a shot of Glossodia minor- the "Small Waxlip Orchid"-


Next, Caladenia carnea- "Pink Fairies"-


And finally 2 shots of Caladenia clavigera- the "Spider Orchid"

The first, a shot of the entire plant-


And secondly a closeup of the flower-


Just a taste of some of our beautiful ground orchids. If anyone wants to see more I have plenty stored away. Just let me know.


Very nice
. Got any pictures of Greenhoods in the wild?
Very nice pics, Sean!

Those are beautiful Sean! Thanks for sharing the pics since they are types of orchids you don't normally get to see. I am so envious of your surroundings. You get to see not only CPs in the wild but orchids too. And what a photo op!

I'm moving to Australia!

OK Sean, I am letting you know. Post more photos, pretty please!!!
More pics like this!


Forget what the name is but thought it was a cool pic with the dodder climbing on it.

I can't see the photo but from what I remember I'm pretty sure the plant with the dodder is Pterostylis cycnocephala. Another of the weird looking Greenhood Orchids.