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Artifical lighting

  • Thread starter Mondo
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Ok it's just too hot here-and it's raining and the plant hasn't had sun for 4 days so i am thinking about growing my plant under artifical light in my dormitory. Please what is the best type of light-no brand names or anything please because it is most probable that i do not live in the same country as you..please help me
Hey Mondo,

The light that most people use is a cool white light.  Any brand.  As long as it says cool white.  This light doesn't put out the heat others do, so it can be lowered to the plant and not damage it.

If you make a terrarium, you can mix 1 cool white, 1 warm light, 1 grow light, 1 sun light.  

If you don't have the room for all of that...sticking with a cool white light ( leaving it on for at least 10 hours a day ) will be your best bet.  

Hope this helps
I use 3x20W 2-foot white florescent lights for VFTs. Even so, some still go into dormancy after a few days of cooler weather with low light.