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Are there any Cp\'s that DONT need dormancy?

I want to make a terrarium. but if i make it out of VFT's ill have to rip them out if the dirt during winter and wash and put in fridge (i think i will rip em out since there roots will be growing every where) and thu killing the plant (i think). So are there any CP's that i can put in a terrarium and they dont need dormancy? maybe the Nepenthis gracilis
or something else...., i wanted to put VFT's so much but they need to go dormant and unless there is a way to COOL down the terrarium to LOW 30 degrees or whatever the plant needs to go dormant, if i can do that then i will have no prob. All your replies will help, thanks


Lots of species don't need dormancy. Tropical Drosera and Pings, terrestrial Utrics, Byblis, Cephs and Neps can all be grown year round.

And if you want to go with VFTs in your terrarium consider keeping them in pots and just sinking the pots into the terrarium media. Come winter pull the pots out for dormancy.

Pygmy droseras are relatively easy to grow and will do great in a terrarium. Nepenthes would work but you either have to find a small one or keep trimming it back. Nepenthes that are growing well seem to outgrow their terrariums pretty quickly. Other than that what pyro mentioned is correct.

I you still would like to grow vfts and such you could place the whole terrarium outdoors over the winter? I have a cuttoff terrarium (10 or less gal. rebuilt so its only 5 in. tall) outdoors with capillaris, vft, adalae, and various seedlings.

I am growing my happy little nepenthes in a 55 gallon terrarium, they love it in there, and I bought them small enough tha they are still contained, and probably won't need a larger home for at least a year.
I guess it really depends on the size of your terrarium. What size are you planning on building?

heh, RP, if i had a 55 gallon tank in my house to fit somewhere i would get a colombian red tailed boa constrictor.
they are awsome, but since i dont got that much room i will need maybe a 20 gallon tank for him. WHEN my parents decide i can get one. and remember, i live in South florida, i cant leave my plants outside. thats a good idea Pyro, to put the pots in the soil with it, i think i will do that.. and look for more plants to put with it.
yo stef1, a 55 (or anything smaller) is too small for a colum red tail. Try a bigger tank.

anyhow, alot of plants dont need dormancy. try rossete sundews, neps, etc
yea, i might get a ball python now..
hehe those are kewl