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Are ther conventions for our plants

Hi All..
Are there gatherings of people that come to like an expo or plant show.. They have the Philadelphia Flower show here but Looking to see if say there is like an Exotic Gardens Show or say Fly Trap Expo.... Let me know if there is anything or whatcha think about this..............

There are some CP societes (for areas or states only, usually) that have meetings/expos. The ICPS does, but they're usually in other countries, I can think of several: Bay Area CP society (California), Los Angles CP Society, New EnglandCPS, etc. Ask some people near you or
Hi Pasoftim -

Our New England CP Show will be Saturday October 11, at Roger Williams Park in Providence, Rhode Island. I know it may a hike for you. It would be a great opportunity to see and pick up some very nice CPs and meet with other CP fanatics like me.

A really cool event, "The Pumpkin Trail" will start at the park the day of our show and last through October. It's a trail at the Zoo with 5,000 plus carved illuminated pumpkins: http://www.rwpzoo.org/jackolantern/code/seeing.html

My What Fun!! Halloween AND Carnivorous Plants!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep an eye on our website, www.necps.org for updates.