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Apple Confusion.

I'm confused. Okay. Today I bought a third generation iPod touch for 299$. Then my friend tells me today that in 3 monthes apple will release an iPod Touch with a camera. Then I research and I can't find anything about that assumption, so should I return my third generation, and HOPE that the iPod Touch with a camera comes out within 3 monthes, or assume that it doesn't. Im confused -.-
Don't return it. Do you really need an MP3 player with a shoddy 3 megapixel camera? Save up some more money and buy yourself a snapshot camera by a real photography company - you should be able to get something better from Nikon or Canon for under $150. I can understand the appeal of having an all-in-one device, but Apple rumors are just totally out of control these days; you shouldn't let them influence your spending decisions.
As someone with a iPhone 3G, I can tell you that the camera is nothing to get too excited about. If I really needed to take pictures of something, I would bring my six-year-old HP point-and-shoot.
Buy an AppleCare plan or the product replacement service from Best Buy. (Last I checked, you don't even have to buy it from Best Buy, so long as they carry the product.) If a new one comes out that you really want more, break your old one and send it in for replacement. It's terribly wasteful and more than a little unscrupulous, but the costs are all worked out to where Apple and Best Buy still make money even if you're hopelessly exploitative.
I forgot to buy the insurance :( darn.

EDIT: btw. you are a good persuasive writer. just from reading that. im keeping it.
There was rumor of a camera coming to the touch. On Sept 9th Apple released their new generation of ipods. The nano will be getting the camera, the touch will not. The touch will get a price drop, that's all.
The 3.2 megapixel is NOTHING to get excited over. Now my question is why people get all goo goo gaa gaa over the latest Apple releases. I've bought an ipod (nano) and I know I will never ever buy Apple ever again. Shotty quality and customer service with a hefty price tag all for lack of user control. And no my ipod hasnt broken and I havent had to deal with customer service, BUT all my roomates have and I've witnessed it all. From their macs to the touch, Apple just likes to over price everything and tell people it's not covered by the warranty.
Halt, you should still be able to buy the apple care plan through apple. I think you have like 30 days form purchase but you might want to call them to ask. I would not recommend buying the replacement plan through Best Buy, they have that set up to screw you over royally if you actually try to make a claim against.
French, I have had nothing but amazing customer service from Apple both on my Ipod and on MacBook. They replaced parts that were defective/broke too early on both my ipod and my MacBook with no hassle what so ever. I would definately buy apple products over anything else out there based on the customer service I have gotten from them.
To each his own I guess. When I had a problem with my HP laptop overheating, HP promptly replaced my laptop with free upgrades. They sent me a new laptop with an extra Gb in Ram and extra 120 Gb in HD space. I am glad that at least some people have had better luck with them and they stand by their insurance plan in some cases. It just didnt happen to be the case for my roomates.
We've received great service from Apple too, but there's an Apple store 4 miles from here, which makes it a lot easier. I wouldn't go to Best Buy even if they gave stuff away because I'd figure they were still cheating people somehow.
French, I had the exact opposite experience with HP. My laptop motherboard when out after 8 months the first time, and because it was over heating still 9 months after the first replacement, and then it was out of warranty so I would have had to pay to get it repaired. Plus when the sent me the laptop back the first time they re-assembled it wrong and didnt even put the plastic flap that covers the hard drive back on, it was laying in the bottom of the box. So I went out and bought a Mac and have loved it ever since. I guess HP customer service is a flip of the coin and I always got the rotten end of that deal.
I had a 200$ gift card to bestbuy, so i thought why not? Then I made it 279.99 from the 299.99 because I searched and walmart had it for 279.99... online :) and it also said "prices vary in stores" :p wow that customer service at best buy shure can't read.
Idk. i've decided to keep it, I can always buy a digital camera like seedjar said.
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To each his own I guess. When I had a problem with my HP laptop overheating, HP promptly replaced my laptop with free upgrades. They sent me a new laptop with an extra Gb in Ram and extra 120 Gb in HD space. I am glad that at least some people have had better luck with them and they stand by their insurance plan in some cases. It just didnt happen to be the case for my roomates.

Funny how people's experiences differ so widely. I've had generally good customer service from Apple (with the exception of one needless delay in my last order from them, as they decided to ship my it from a warehouse in China instead of their California office, where the products were also in stock.) But I've never had a good experience with HP; the printers I've bought from them have pretty much all died before even getting through the first ink cartridge, and literally every box of HP products I've ever opened has had parts missing. (Gee, this printer sure would be nice if it came with a power supply.) I went through four months of calls to their support line in India just to get the USB cable and memory card that my camera was supposed to come with, and they ended up sending me a card that was 1/4 the capacity of the one advertised on the box. When I finally got the package and called to correct them, they told me that they had no record of my previous service calls and that it had been too long since I purchased the camera to make a dispute.

PS - Apple's basic warrantees are indeed very limited - they really want you to buy AppleCare. But if you do, they'll fix almost anything for you. My friend spilled a bottle of wine (not just a splash; pretty much the whole bottle) on his MacBook Pro and they replaced it without a hitch. He even got a newer model out of it. My first-generation iPod developed a power problem a few months after I got it, and even without AppleCare they replaced it with very little fuss. (It was actually sort of my fault; it started randomly running out of power after I knocked the headphone jack really hard. There was a design flaw that allowed the audio out to short-circuit if the jack casing started to crack, which apparently fouled up the battery manager.) I think you have 90 days to buy a plan after purchase - I'm almost certain it's longer than 30.
Also, thank you for the compliment, Halt. Writing is one skill of mine that I've worked on longer than pretty much all the rest, but I don't do a whole lot anymore, so it's nice to be appreciated.
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I just saw a commercial that iPod Nano now records video. The quality looks pretty good too. I don't know if it does still shots though. That may sway your decision, but I have a iPod touch and I don't miss a camera feature, it still does a lot.
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lol short and simple, its all about Zune ;D
ive got the original 30 gig, never had a problem with it....its been run over by my mothers Cadillac twice lmao and not even so much as a crack in the screen or case....its an indestructible brick.....however when i had the original iPod and the next couple of gens after that, they broke so easy...im rather rough with my MP3 players since i constantly go for runs or climbs etc....
Zune HD is next for me to get
not to mention Zune frequently updates their software
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well, i don't see why people need like 10mp camera, that's huge! like big poster size huge. and i have an iphone, and i'm amazed by the quality of the picture compared to at least 4 other phones with higher megapixel, i've even compared it with a blackberry, the picture that an iphone take is good unless you want to go professional. if it cost the same, but have an extra feature. why get the one without the extra feature? and the camera will probably be out soon, i'm guessing next year. i bought an iphone 3g, not knowing that the newer version of the phone will come out 29 days after. got it replaced with a 3gs, the speed is awesome, i'd say twice as fast as the 3g, and i upgraded from the 16gb to 32gb without having to pay anything much, other than the restocking fee.
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no real reason for a 10MP camera unless your doing professional work or doing alot of cropping......but it aint a major plus that something has a camera feature unless its a 5MP and has a lens big enough to pull in decent light.....a 3 will work if its all yah got on yah, ive got a 3 on my phone and took a pic for the paper with it tonight cause its what i had on me but the quality needed for a B&W photo on newsprint is pretty low.....i refuse to shoot my plants with my camera phone......its worthless for that......
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i bought the 5G nano just 2 days ago. personally for the size, the camera is actually very nice. it doesn't technically take pictures. but i was very surprised with the quality of the video. i think im going to like it :)

i have only had 2 mp3 players. both ipods. the first gen nano and now the 5th. i had the 1st gen all the way up untill july when i dropped it in a puddle while it was still on. that thing has been washed countless times and dropped and stepped on and it was still great. i got it the november after it came out.

i like apple and i equally like PC/windows. ive never had a mac but in my opinion they aren't worth what you pay for. features are nice and they organize pretty well. but the memory capacity isnt very good, for the notebooks anyways.

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I just upgraded to the iPhone 3GS (I've had the two previous models) I can't say enough good things about the 3mp camera. I just took it up camping for a few days and here are a few shots with the 3GS.







This was the first time I have taken any photos with the 3GS as you can see they came out really well. Its not going to replace my Nikon D70 anytime soon but man, for ease of use its hard to beat. All the photos have been re-sized from 2048 x 1536 down to 600 x 450.

See ya,