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Hey does anybody know how I got aphids? My venus fly trap was in a terrerium, with no other plants and the closest plant was in another room. ??
Aphids could have come in from outside by any number of ways. Through a screen or clinging to clothing. I found one on my T-shirt the other day. My sundew thought it was delicious!
. It only takes one aphid to start a whole mess of aphids. They don't have to mate to have young (parthenogenesis). So one aphid can create a whole bunch.
Go find some lady bugs and let them do the work... Just don't let them get eaten too... until they are done at least!

- Brett
You can take a flea collar, wrap it in a plastic baggie to make sure that it doesn't touch the soil..

Like a sandwhich bagige with the top open.

Then place it in the tank by the plant.

Or if the plant is in a pot, you can take it out and put it in water over night.

malathion (sp) diluted down some will work too...but I would try the 1st 2 b4 the last.