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Anyone know who 'exceptional_plants' seller is on ebay?

Feb 16, 2015
Nalasopara (near Bombay/Mumbai)
I purchased some plants from them (due to arrive any time). They ship from Poland. More importantly for me, ship worldwide.

What made me ask was that the seller has almost all listings as "seed grown", but if you google up images for the crosses, you often find images with parents reversed. For eg, if veitchii x spectabilis is listed, image search won't have any results for it, but plenty for BE's spectabilis x veitchii.

The costs are higher than many big sellers, and I suspect the "seed grown" justifies that, but seeing these reversed image listings... wondering whether they are really seed grown. Hard to imagine one seller having so many seed grown plants of reversed crosses of popular hybrids sold widely... Seed grown isn't a huge deal for me, though I like seed grown plants, I admit. But not deal breaker if it is a cutting or rooted basal or TC if the plant is nice. Costs also.... cheaper is nice, but frankly for me, shipping is so high, an occasional plant being expensive isn't the end of the world. But misrepresentation of facts on a listing makes me itchy. Maybe I'll still buy anyway if I want the plant, but have more realistic expectations about what I get.

Also, pretty sure some images of adult plants .... I've seen in other places. Which proves, nothing, since if he has juvenile plants, the images would be representational.

Just seeking more thoughts.
Jul 3, 2011
This merchant has been discussed before: he routinely steals photos from other web sites, blogs and CP Photofinder to support his listings.