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Anyone in the seattle area growing utricularia?

Im wondering if there is anyone else in the seattle area growing Utricularia?
I don't know of anyone. Utrics ship pretty well if they are packed properly though, no real need to get them locally. Ihave had stuff that has spent over 3 weeks in the mail that survived. Have be sure that they aren't too wet, and they don't get crushed.
Hello, I live on Capitol Hill and will slowly but surely be growing them soon. Jeremiah has included one in a package of drosera he is sending me. I imagine that I will be hooked!
Do you know what species he is sending???

I have a couple of species that I would be willing to give to you to help you get started.
Hi Kayaker,
He mentioned that he was putting U.gibba in a package of D.capensis that he has sent. I expect it any day now. Do you have that one? It seems to be quite common and easy to get. From what I've read, it's easy to grow and very easy to share! You're welcome to a bit of it. I'll take you up on your offer to share a few things. It's not likely I have anything to trade with you, certainly nothing that's surplus just yet. I spend a lot of time on the web for work and I'm always checking around new sites to see what's available. Maybe we could work together to find something new.
Let me know what you think.
hello ,
i'm over in bremerton .
don't have any utric's right now.

when i've got enough money saved i'll be ordering some