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Anyone grow Nepenthes spathulata x spectabilis 'Helen', BE-4528?

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I just bought Nepenthes spathulata x spectabilis 'Helen', BE-4528. It's a stunning hybrid. A nursery is having a BE (Borneo Exotics) pre-order sale, and I got it at a great price ($20 for a medium, 4-6" ls). I just ordered it, but have yet to receive it; pictures will follow. If you are curious which vendor, please message me.

I think this will eventually be a gift for my mom, who has grown Nepenthes in the past. Red is her favorite color, and she enjoys the fact that it was named after actress Helen Mirren. Helen was also her mother's name.

There have been posts in the past on this plant, but I think those members are no longer active (?). Does anyone currently on here grow the plant? Have any experiences or pictures?

I think it's female, as it's a single clone, and seeds/seedlings have been made.

The plant is named after the actress Helen Mirren, but does anyone know the reason why it was named after her?

Links to some of the Borneo Exotic photos of the plant:

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