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Anyone ever try s/h growing on a nepth?

My new venture for this year is orchids. Started with a kmart rescue a couple of months ago and now have 6--oppps, off topic LOL

Anyhow, in researching care, I came across S/H growing for orchids (semi hydroponics). It made me think that a nepth may be a canidate for this type of growing since they like to be kept moist but not standing in water. The medium used is the clay baked pellets, in a tall plastic container, two holes drilled about 2 inches from the bottom. Watering from the top, all excess water flows out the holes, leaving just the couple of inches at the bottom which is wicked up by the medium as needed. Supposedly watering only needs to be once a week and its impossible to overwater, my kind of care LOL

I have a nepth that I am considering trying as an experiment, its a Lowes Noid and has been harden off all summer outside. Its alive, but won't say it grew at all. Anyhow, I want to windowsill this plant this winter instead of in a terrium and thought this might be a good way to try.

Anyone with thoughts? Hope I made my post clear. Some of you orchid growers may understand what I'm saying.
Ok I had questions but I checked a site.


It says the clay has no nutrients, Stupid Q. but what about it's mineral contents?

Umm... I was going to ask about airflow but it says that it allows large quantities of air eliminating root rot.

I recommend using peat strained water to give it a slight acidity.

Besides the minerals, I say it actually sounds like a good idea.
Thanks for your thoughts Slizarus. Your point about minerals in the clay is a good one, time will tell I guess if there is a problem. I really like the idea about using peat tea to water with. I am going to run a test and can keep you posted if interested.
I am also curious as to how it will turn out. I have grown a N. x Judith Finn in water before for about six months, but I bailed on my experiment when it overgrew its pot and it needed to be repotted. I think your test will work.
Just my guess, but I don't think mineral build up would be to bad. Any excess minerals will be flushed through the holes in the bottom each time you water.
Well, time will tell. I repotted this weekend, although cheated a bit cause I left a ball of LFS around the roots and set the whole thing on top of the clay chips in the container. I actually need to rinse off more chips to fill the container and that is the one thing that is a pain. I swear I rinse and rinse and soak, then rinse then start over and there is still sentiment washing off. I will work on that this week and clean off the roots and fix it over the weekend.

Will keep you posted.