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any type of pitcher plant that doesnt go dormant

is there a pitcher plant ?
saraccennia nepenthes heliamphora that doesnt need to go dormant ever, and if there is one or many types can some one plz help me out on finding out about them
helimphora and nepenthes dont need to go dormant to my knowledge...
Cephalotus doesnt go dormant, but it sorta goes into a kind of stasis for the winter monthes...
Nepenthes are the tropical ones, and only the lowland neps don't need to go dormant. (I think)
The cephalotus is the West Australian Pitcher Plant. Heliamphora are kind of tropical, but they are in much higher latitudes in the jungle.
All nepenthes do not need dormancy.

Also, there are some sundews, butterworts, and bladderworts that do not need dormancy.

Heliamphora doesn't either...

Cephalotus will produce a set of non-carnivorous leaves during its resting phase....but the plant as a whole is still somewhat growing
kinda goes with owning a CP company don't ya think?