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Any large or mature hamata owners?

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N.Grac. how tall are u?

Rob, why did u have to be a judge to pull a 5 finger discount on a plant like that? if ya really wanted it it would of made a diff.

Tony, i was just checking out your web page a sec. ago could u post a pic of a seedling clipeata. your mature one seem to be impressive

out of all the Hamata i would pick fly-catchers or Robs
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Hi George, the reason I said that is because Tony has high benches and his mature climbing Clipeata are that much taller on top of the benches! BTW, I am 6 ft 4 inches tall.
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Dude, your 8" taller than me, and only a year older
! That can't be right, I'm one of the tallest people in my school. I think I need to recheck my hight
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I met the owner, but my Japanese was poorer than his English and I didn't learn anything!
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Sounds like me at my current job, Rob.... I don't speak any Vietnamese or Somolian so the boss having these guys train me in on the machines is pretty hopeless!