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Any Caribbean ppl here?

I'm just wondering if there are people from the carribbean here. I'm from Puerto Rico, and it would be really cool to meet someone from somewhere near me.

No, but we go to Curacoa(spelling?) every year, becuase we own a Time Share there. It is the ilsand in the Netherland Antilles, next to Aruba.
I will be just as soon as you clear out that spare room
Man I wish! that would be so cool!
Yea Joel. Me too.
Me and Shelly can share a room...

No visitors please, my house is a total mess right now.

I just wish that there were more CP growers here...

heh like fatboy once said (paraphrasing): I'd start a Cp society, but I'd probably be the only member.

Did I mention that Shelly and I are maids???
Actually, the mess it mostly construction stuff, like painting, electrical work, putting up a few glass sliding door, etc.

So I need a handyman, not a maid.... greg, are you a handyman?

Oh My GOD!You are so lucky you don't live near me Greg!!!
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I think you made a type.....
I think you forgot the UN infront of the lucky...

I'll get Jeff to fix that up for us, Ok?
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EHEM! Lets keep this on topic, some of us actually get an email every time a reply is made! Are there any CP occurring naturally in PR?
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I don't live there but I will be going there on November 22

maybe some one could tell me what CPs to look for wile I'm there

don't know where we are going will have to ask my Dad

thanks for your help
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I'll be your handy man...FOR ALL OF YOUR PLANTS!

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As far as I know, most of the CPs in PR are Utricularia, but there is one species of Drosera too. I asked about this once on the CP listserver, but I don't remember if anyone replied or not.

From what I remember, U juncea, U gibba, D capilaris are found in PR. The latter 2 can be found in the Tortuguero Lagoon Reserve, but there are caymans living there too so I wouldn't exactly go wading in there!
The other Utrics live in the rainforest, up in the trees and along the streams. Collecting plants in the rainforest is illegal though, so I won't be getting any plants from there.

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don't worry I will never Collect plants from the rainforest