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Ant Plant Question


BS Bulldozer
I got this ant plant from Andy's Orchids a few months ago. When I got it there were little white dots on the largest leaves. It's grown very well since, putting on at least half a dozen new leaves. The white dots never appear on new growth, but I'm starting to notice them on the biggest of the new leaves. Most pests I know of prefer young growing shoots, so I'm not sure what's going on. Is it perhaps like Mangroves which excrete salt on their leaves? Any help is appreciated!
Link to pic:http://www.orchidboard.com/community/off-topic-totally/76688-myrmecodia-ant-plant-question.html
I'm no expert, but it looks like it could be normal for Myrmecodia platytyrea ???

Or it could just be salts or minerals deposited on the leaf surface. I don't think it is a pest or disease.
Knowing what species it is will help tremendously.
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Do you have small flies or gnats of any kind in your growing space? It looks like shorefly poops, which are originally black but will turn white over time. You can scrub them off with a rag. In fact, I'm very curious as to what this is. I grow a huge 25-year-old Myrmecodia tuberosa and have never seen anything like this. Could you try scrubbing at them and seeing if they come off? It will help determine if the spots are deposited onto the plant, or are internal and possibly caused by something else.

(if Whimgrinder sees this photo--it's where your seeds came from)
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I spoke with Andreas Wistuba who informed me that they're "Verkorkungen" or cork spots. Apparently they're caused by fluctuations in humidity and are purely cosmetic.
All of my myrmecodias have this. It freaked me out when I first saw it (thought it was scale). But it's natural and normal.

use you some fertilizer ?