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Another vft commercial

I was watching that ferry collision that happend in New York on CNN and when I changed the channel I saw the last few seconds of a guy in a parking lot getting pulled into the back of a van (or was it a SUV, can't remmeber which) by this giant venus flytrap waiting for him.
I'd like to see that commercial.
Maybe the growing CP community is having a little influence on awareness of the plants existence? Ya never know! I have two CP tanks at work and they never fail to draw comments on their beauty. People are interested...they ask questions and say "I never knew they existed!" I've also seen a U-Haul truck with an awsome mural of flytraps on the outside (a N.C. truck I believe). I wish I'd had my camera with me.

I haven't seen it yet. Do you know what the commercial's advertising?

I saw that commercial floating around the web somewhere. All I could think was....'Hey, it COULD happen.'