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Another Unknow Nepenthes

Here is my other Nepenthes. I have it growing inside under grow lights.


Thanks again for any help
Looks like an N.Longifolia or an N.Alata.
It appears as if this one is in a 3 or 4" pot correct?
If you got this one at a regular garden center I would say it's probably a N. X "Judith Finn" as I have 3 seedlings which looked ike that til they got about 4-5" then the peristome got very dark and has started to widen in the back. A JFinn is a hybrid of  N. spathulata x N. veitchii.

I must say your other one (in the other unknown Nepenthes post) looks like a Mixta cos I have one hanging outside my front door. A Mixta is N. northiana x N. maxima.
Looks a bit young yet to get a clear picture of what the pitcher traits will look like. It does have some young veitchii traits so could be Judith Finn although the leaves look a little different than mine.

Let it grow up some and lets see it again in the future!
I would also say N. Judith Finn.
You guys need to teach me to look at the leaves more! All i look at are the pitchers, doh!
Nah... agree with T, it isn't gracilis or aristolochiodes (ha ha) but I have half a dozen small plants floating around that look like that.

Too small to tell yet.