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Another post!

nepenthes gracilis

Nepenthes Specialist
Hey all thought I would share my U. livida in flower:

Hehe yes it is...I think I have livida in one of my pots too.....it died so I threw the peat in my peat bag and repotted a sarracenia now mysteriously there are utric stolons in the Sarracenia pot.....
Nice one!

I recently started to give this plant to my "not cp fan"-friends. Easy & showy!

Hi Jan it really surprised me! After being frozen, dryed out and whatnot it just exploded with stolons and uncountable flowerscapes! The flowers have been on it since July about. More scapes are coming up now, I think it might flower year round!
wow , thats beautiful whats your secret to get them flower , the only 2 utrics i have ever gotten to flower were my u. sanderosnii and monanthos .
I have no idea Goldtrap. For one thing it is in a bulb pan....I can get a photo of that if you wish. Secondly it's in pure peat moss and has a very high water table. I water with RO that is 5ppm purity and no feeding with fertilzer just fungus gnats and mosquito larvae.
Nice I hope mine flower soon. Also it seems easy to believe to me.I took a photsenthetic stolon off mine and placed it on some damp peat and within a week it had a star shaped bud:) . (wich is amazing since I can`t seem to get anyting else started from leaf cuttings