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Another photo

Where can this G14 Dirk Ventham's Giant be had. That has to be the coolest VFT I have ever seen.
Jealousy will get you nowhere, but with money you can buy it.
Thx scupbucket. My VFTs get like 10 hours of direct sun a day, and that is ALOT of sun for Inland Southern California since we almost never see clouds(only a few days in the winter if we are lucky:p)Sometimes I think this is too much, especially when I see temps in the high 90's and humidity in the low teens. Use this as a reference to my climate Temecula Weather I grow 17 genetically different VFTs(varieties)in my G-house.

Seeing those pics of your 'cold frame' bog has really gotten me excited about adding some different species to my collection. I just wish I got that amount of sunlight here in NY. Lately we've been getting some good sunlight but it's not consistent. Very nicely done.