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An excellent sight for my sore eyes.


I don't know if I have ever been so excited by such a little pot before. This picture is like an onion of plant nerdiness... Amongst the D. regia lies N. rajah x jacquelineae seeds and in the lower right corner (out of focus) is a California Redwood seedling. Pro tip: it's not U. quelchii :lol:

'Sounds like a very good thing, indeed, Dex. So how did this pot of botanical wonder come to be?
Did any of the seeds germinate? And isn't a California redwood a tree? Nice regia, by the way.
Rajah x jacquelineae? Gee, let's get the whole Nep community in an uproar, why don't we? :) If those seeds do sprout, you may have the newest "most-sought-after"