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Is there any lizards or anything small that can survive comfortably in a terrarium with CP's and other tropical plants? Just wondering for curiosity reasons. I keep looking for neater ideas and additions for my terrarium!
okay no.
bad idea....i forgot the plants are carnivorous
It depends on what the plants are, and the conditions.
Frogs (and other amphibians) love high humidity. Genlisia and utricularia won't hurt frogs, and small sundews may also do okay (I don't think pings could hurt frogs either, or small nepenthes like gracilis).
I find tree frogs in my N ampullaria pitchers outside, and they do't get eaten. They actually look quite nice there hiding during the day. I think that a heliamphora would be a good plant in a amphibian terrarium too.

Yeah, I suppose frogs would work! I was mainly concerned with the animals eating the plants. Which wouldn't be an issue with frogs! Thanks!
we're thinking of doing poison dart frogs... and they have done well in a friends tank with these plants. I don't think they'll have any problemss at all...

the only down fall.. is they're not cheap ... around $50.00 for a frog. And that's not even fried served with veggies... that's a small little frog!
Fried, Phil? I've heard they're only good to eat that way if they're wrapped in human skin...it locks the flavor in. Care to volunteer?


Just kidding, here...actually, there are poison frogs that sell for over $200, depending on species. And you thought PLANTS were expensive!!
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There are many other herps that will work well in a tropical CP terrarium as well...some of the smaller chameleons come to mind, and other frogs like Red-eyed Treefrogs and other rainforest dwellers.

Hope this helps!
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Nothing to worry about...Just giving Phil a hard time for his thoughtless treatment of my fine amphibian friends.