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I want to get an Amorphophallus. Does anybody grow this? I need some suggestions on which species to get. I want one that is under 4ft. and can handle lower humidity. I plan to grow this outside so it'll get enough sun. Which species would be good candidates? If you have any to sell or trade, I'd be interested
hi larry
only just started growing this. I have A.konjac, which is a small grower, and is apparently very easy. got it off a guy in Poland. all I know is that it likes a loamy soil, well watered in summer, dry in winter. quite cold tolerant but not frost hardy.
hope this helps
I've got about 7 or 8 of these growing in the backyard, including an Amorphophallus titanum.  Most of the voodoo lilies I grow are under 4 feet.  Heavy feeders that like moisture in summer, but must remain completely dry in winter.  Easy growers that prefer loamy soil.  Well worth the effort. Oz
If anybody has these plants for sale/trade, please message me. Thanks.
Little update.  I finally got one of these.  Here's a pic, these guys grow super fast  

Aw, that's so cool!! Sorry, I'm just blown away by those pics.

EDIT: judging by the health of the plant, you must have bought/traded it from a quality source (not to mention grown it very well). it would be appreciated, Larry, if you could PM me about where you obtained it. thanks

DE and larry, that's not an Amorphophallus, which is what larry originally asked about?

Larry I got a couple of pics of a HUGE Amorphophallus (about 20 feet tall - no flower though
) while in Sumatra. If there is somewhere I can upload them I will post them for you.

Cheers, Troy.
yes, yes...Sauromatum

And Troy, you'll hopefully be posting those pics for *everyone*?
just making sure

This post I just wrote was kind of redundant, but I felt it was necessary!
Try Plant Delights for a place to buy them. I just brought home a A. Konjac and as far as I know it's frost hardy and likes the shade. BTW: I saw one there that was as tall as me.
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You have any to trade?  My S. venosum is producing baby plants.  I plan to get a A. konjac during winter.
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Sorry, I've only got one at the moment.  But the ones I got from plant delights were excellent quality.  Anybody else have suggestions as to where else you can find 'em?  I only know of PD...
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it there a place i could get a seed of one of those voodoo lilies?
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My plant is producing a couple of baby tubers, I'll have some available. When? I dunno, I'll have to see how fast they grow and when I can safely remove them from the parent.
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It seems to me everyone is growing these plants in pots but from what I've got in front of me A. Konjac is hardy to zone 6 and S. Venosum is hardy to zone 6. Is anybody growing these outside...
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As you can see in my pic, I'm growing mine outside, and they're doing great.  Its incredible how fast they grow, new baby tubers and another stalk.  Hard to describe so I'll have to take a pic of it.  Gotta love this plant.  My biggest S. venosum should flower next season.  
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Here's a little update.  This guy just keeps getting taller and taller, I had to repot it.  Its grown itself a twin from the side of its trunk, pretty neat!  

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the cheapest place i know to buy amorphophallus is cook's carnivores , i just got my 2 dime sized bulbs today but i do not know how to take care of it so can somebody give me some care intructions or a website that can tell me .