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Amorphophallus konjac

That is one impressive looking plant! What other Aroids do you grow? I have a high interest in this group of plants as well.
Well Richard, you know about my Dracunculus, Sauromatum and Arisarum. I also grow Arum creticum, some mix colour calla lilies and Zantedeschia aethiopica (but I don't think this came through the winter). I did grow some Arisaema síkkokianum but it died the winter before last. A similar flower mechanism is Aristolochia baetica which I also grow
I'm not too keen on all the new Zantedeschia hybrids. I find them a bit 'taccy'! I prefer the Aroids with the more unusual flowers. I have Sauromatum venosum (thanks!), Arum maculatum (well its wild!) Arum italicum, Arisarum proboscideum. I used to have Dracunculus (gonna get another!) and Arisaema triphyophillum.