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Amorphopallus titanum

Hey Guys,
I've been taking pics of "Tiffy" the Titan Arum at California State University, Fullerton. I have pictures of "her" with her leaves closed, slightly open, fully open, and withered. It was quite an event. Lots of media people there filming, taking pictures, doing news stories.

beautiful, just beautiful! I wish I could have one
oh, and is that a nepenthes rafflesiana in the background in the 3rd pic?
Larry, where do you get photoshop, i always see people with it and would like to buy it in the near future, thanx in advance!!
Hey Spec, good eye. It is a nep, but no idea which species.

Grim: Photoshop? You can buy it at just about any electronics store like Best Buy, Good Guys, Circuit City or online.
how much is it, i have this truncata type nepenthes drawing i want to do in this art contest
ill post it when its finished, i just need a little help on the vine part
Grim, Photoshop is about $500-$600, but I've seen it for as little as $250. That's still a bit pricey though. Take a look at Adobe Photo Elements, that is a lot cheaper and may do what you want.
I just had a sharp shooting pain in the area of my wallet. Yeeouch!
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I think PFT may have one left.
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</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Grim @ May 29 2003,04:39)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Larry, on your website it says that you have small rafflesisana for sale, do you have any left?[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
UH-OH! Here ocmes the mallet! I would edit that post
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i need really small ones, but with pitchers
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Hehe, sorry Grim, all out.
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oh well, maybe ill try to raise mony for a pft one
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Professional software is spendy, QuarkXpress that I use for doing magazine & advertisement layouts is anywhere from $800-1400 depending upon who you buy it from!

If you simply wanna play with images and don't need every facet of Photoshop then save your cash! Any program that allows cutting & pasting of images and painting on images/masking, reducing file size, etc. is about all normal people are gonna do with images and you can easily get a nice image editor. Don't just get a "photo editor" as this might only let you edit your photos. An image editor will let you do all sorts of extra things like resizing, changing file types, cut and paste from one photo to another, add text, color correction, etc. You can get cheap image programs in the range of $30-$80 from Best Buy, Comp USA, etc. One nice program I got before photoshop & illustrator is: Picture Publisher 8 by Micrografx (they are most certainly on a new upgraded version by now). I still use the Micrografx program for quick-fix things like reducing a photo to post online at this forum or something because the program start up for Picture Publisher is faster than Photoshop which has tons of files it readies before you can start working.

I like that plant! Someday I'll get one!
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Larry, those are wonderful pics! What a neat experience getting to see and photograph that. Really beautiful (and HUGE) flower. Ummm...how was the smell? It didn't seem to be turning people away. Aren't they one of the smelly ones?

Swords is right, the professional stuff is pricey. Most people don't realize how high it is but then again most people don't have a need for Quark or full Photoshop. But both programs are the best.
If you just want to play around with images, a cheaper image editing program is a better bet.

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Suzanne, the plant smells horrible!
Like fresh dog poop lol
What's worse is that, the smells stays with you. Not like on your clothes or anything, but you can still smell the stench hours after the intial sniff
I bet all those people standing around for the group pic were holding their breadths, I know I was when I was downwind from it!