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All you computer geeks like me out there


I have started playing around with modding Windows XP... and i am have done some pretty cool things to my OS (courtesy of the labor of others.)

Here are a couple of sites...


This site has a utility, and a bunch of visual styles for XP, it allows you to change the way your start bar, start button, and menu look. Right now my start bar is cherry red, as are the menus and buttons... (if you know XP you know your limited usually to blue silver and nasty green) THere are hundreds of visual style skins at this site too. However, the app that makes all this possible is only shareware, so if you like it, you should buy it.


If your a power user like me, you never have enough space for all your windows, even if your running dual monitors. If you have ever had fun playing around in Xwindows on a LINUX box, you probably noted how cool it is to have transparent windows... well.. now you can have it in XP. Download Glass2K and the VB dll's that help it run, and presto chango, you can set your windows, start bar, button, menu's to varying degrees of transparency (Visible, 0-9 settins)

I am currently watching Norton System Works 2003 install, right behind the window I am typing.. I can litlerally see the scroll bar moving... very cool.


If you have never used it before, you will be wowed.. (if you use MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, IRC, ICQ, or AIM, or all of them&#33
Trillian binds them together in one nice neat package, no longer a need to have 5 different contact lists open to talk to people on different networks. Trillian imports them all and makes them work together... very cool... and lots of cool features. It can also be skinned like Winamp.

If you haven't done it yet, download the new media player, it will dock on your startbar so you don't waste space on your usable desktop area.

I will leave registery editing of Prefetch and other stuff out... I don't want to be responsible for some over ambitious people tanking their registry... (not good when this happens&#33

BTW, it is reccomended that only people with moster systems go for this stuff, while you probably won't notice much of a performance impact on older comptuers that can run XP, you might, but the newer systems will shrudge this stuff off like a sneeze.

Have fun.. make your desktops look more like you, and have a blast.

(Oh, there is a cool Longhorn Addon bar at xptheme.org too, if you don't know what longhorn is, it's the nextgen os from microsoft... It is a pretty cool bar, but I don't use it currently... not in my 'style'.)

hey thats neat i like alot of the things you can do!
those are infact cool.  my favorite xp upgrade so far is the alt-tab replacement.  With this , in addition to seeing the icon of the application window you are switching to, you will also see a preview of the page. so if you have 10 internet explorer windows open.  rather than alt tabbing through the immage of 10 "E"s you will actually see a preview of the page!   ...man i love it! you can get it
mighty nice! Thanks...

anyone else have some cool mods?
I used Trilian a while back. It's really cool. It also save alot of your system resources by only having to run one program instead of having to run 4 or more at one time. It also has a few drawback though. It has alot of cool smilies but alot of them won't work when you send them to somebody who is not using Trillian. Another is it's hard to see who's online and who's not. I stopped using it because it kept freezing up. Maybe they have a newer version out now that's better. Overall I'd still give it a thumbs up.

I have not had the current version of Trillian lock on me at all, and the actually have a full blown Trillian Pro you ban buy now. I am thinking of supporting them by chinking out the 20 bucks since I like their product so much.
i just downloaded the free version of Trillian late last night. the only one i couldn't get to join the figuration was icq. still working on that thu. so far it is pretty cool thanks for passing it on.
geroge, I haven't had problems adding my other accounts... except that one, it was so long since I had typed my password in I had forgotten it and thought it was something else.
OMG they came out with transparent windows and I didn't know about it! *Bad Darcie, your loosing your nerd rating*