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Algae question

I recently put most of my pots into a trough system as opposed to saucers but of course when it rains the trough fills up quickly which leads to the top of the plants being flooded. I know that most cps love being flooded but I have noticed some of my sundews being stunted in growth and I see algae forming on top of the soil which may or may not be related to the bladderwort that is there. Is the algae caused by the bladderwort or is the algae there from the top of the pots being flooded?I have drained all the water out and only left 2-4 inches of water in the trough.
algae forms in high levels of moisture and water. they propagate by spores, and given enough time in ample water, algae will form.
Get a toothpick and gently poke and till the topsoil. My quick remedy for soil nuisances