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I live in Illinois right now, and I'm going to move to Alaska. Can I still grow the same nepenthes I have on my windowsill on an Alaskan window year round? Will I haveto use a green house?
My guess is that since Alaska experiences months of darkness during the winter is that you will have to suppliment your plant with artificial light.

not being an alaskan I can't tell you for sure. If you get a green house, it will most definately have to be more than a coldframe, your going to need a hothouse, or a stove house, depending on what you grow.
Mini greenhouse would be the way to go I think. A small room with good lights (reminds me of my younger years when I grew herbs {legal or otherwise}) can do wonders for plants. Plus you could control the humidity.
The only other plants I've been interested in are bromeliads and vegetables. I had corn plants that were producing corn once, but rabbits ate it( stupid rabbits).