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Aightz...here goes!

I emailed Tony stating i would like to purchase a N.hamata from him. This is how Im going to care for it:

Grow in a mix of: lava rock on the bottom, long-fibered sphagnum mixed with perlite on top. (unless plant is shipped potted

Keep it in a covered tank to a humidity of about 88%+. It will get plenty of morning light.

At night, starting around 8PM, I will move the palnt into my garage next to a small window where it will get plenty of cool air.

anything else i should noe? Thansk-Zach
Tony ships his plants potted I belive right Tony?
SO no need to worry about what mix to pot it in yet.  
 Otherwise your setup sounds good, what will be the low for the night? Should be around 65-60F or lower like 57-55F will not hurt it but be sure at LEAST it is in the 60's. Also have fun and be ready for an awesome plant!
Great! once i get a reply from Tony, A new era of Neps will start with me! Oh yea, the garge gets about 57F-60F at nite.
None of the Neps I got from Tony were potted but that is OK because they were packaged well and no plants were damaged. They arrived in better shape than the ones I can buy at the orchid shop locally (for twice the price). just have everything ready for potting up as soon as they arrive.

Good luck!
As I said above I wasn't sure, but with some acceptions he may ship potted or unpotted. It all depends on plant price,avialiability,rarity,etc. But let TOny answer it for pete's sake!
Boy you guys are great, you know all my answers already LOL!

Preferentially plants are shipped out of pot and wrapped in sphagnum (not bareroot). I think they pack and travel better this way, although I can ship in pot. I also feel it is important that the buyer pots the plants into a mix they are comfortable with rather than try growing the plant in my mix. They are more likely to do this when not sent in the pot. I have killed my fair share of plants because I did not repot them when they arrived prepotted. Not just Nepenthes.. so keep it in mind for just about any plant that you purchase that arrives in a mix that is not very similiar to your own.

A mix of lf sphagnum and perlite would be fine. Hamata does like a fair amount of sphagnum. I have grown them in pure sphagnum and they do fine. I have also grown them in a mix of fine coconut husk chips, perlite and sphagnum and they do fine but take longer to establish. A thin layer of lava rock on the bottom of the pot is optional.. If your worried about drainage because the plant will be in a terrarium then that's fine. Day temps 80-85 are fine, night temps around 60 is good.


Happy 4th!