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After a decade

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Capensis Killer
Getting back into this hobby after almost a decade. Finished college with multiple degrees, actually having a career, and paid off my student loans. :-D Still can't affording housing in the bay area, but I can probably live in a Nepenthes pitcher in SF for $1500/mo now :jester:
Welcome back, your return to the hobby kind of sounds like mine, minus the good career part. Looking forward to seeing more from you.
Got a little mini bog going outside, already have some springtails on the sphagnum. Looks like it might be too hot in NorCal to have any live sphagnum growing :/ was excited to see some green but it looks like it's just sphagnum algae
Welcome back! If you're in northern California you might want to check out the ICPS conference happening in Santa Rosa in a few weeks.