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African violets for trade?

Hi all,

My mom is interested in obtaining an african violet. She particularly likes "victory valentine", "redland pride", "lady baltimore." If anyone has one of these and would like to do a trade for cps or other types of plants, please PM or email me.

Thanks in advance.
The Earlmay here is clearing its out at $2.50. They are no longer labeled. Let me now if you would like any. Thye are healthy, but I can not tell you what they are. I would purchase them and then trade for CP if you like.

I live a few miles from a nursery that has taken first prize for it's violets 20 years running in every competition... I will look and see if I can find those violets for you.
If you guys can, I am also very interested in African Violets, but I need to have a certain types of them. The one which can stand high hummidity and 12 hours of flourencent light. High temperature too. Its for my vivarium, so I would like it if they remain the same size, and don't grow as much as wild as my fern is doing right now.

If you can help, I will be gratefully yours =D.