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Adnedarn joins the world of genlisea


I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
Thanks to mindmaze i have recieved my first Genlisea plant. and i wanna know, what do you have yours growing in??? any extra tips on growing it?
thanks all for any help!!
Which species are you getting?
The important thing seems to be warm, wet conditions. They can grow in the same conditions as many terrestrial utricularia. I've only grown them in long fibered sphagnum moss, which they seem to do well in. Hopefully someone with more experience with them can add something, since some of them can be hard to find information on.
I would plant in sphag moss, or a peat/sand mix. I personaly stay with sphag on the bottom, and the peat sand on the top 1/2 inch or so. These are really cool plants once you get into them! You'll have alot of fun with them too.

the sp. is unknown at this time... as the information has been lost. i suspect it will grow well and flower withing 2 weeks so i can id it. (that was sarcastic by the way :) ) so i guess i am just looking for general information.. :)
All mine grow in the exact same conditions as my utrics. Peat/ sand mix, fluctuating water level, warm and low to medium humidity ~16in from flourescent lights. Unlike many utrics, however, they like to be left in the same pot for a while, and will grow exponentially, doubling in size every year or so. The tricky part seems to be getting them established - the only times I have ever lost one has been in the first few weeks after I got it.

I haven't noticed any preference of any species for a particular set of conditions.
I am not 100% sure but I believe the plant you have is G. violacea 'Giant'

I have this plant growing in both peat:sand and milled sphag and it is happy in both. And Dodec is right about the prolific growth, this puppy practically swarms across the pot
There is a possibility that it could be G. hispidula as well. I'm not sure if I sent him a piece of not... Don't rule it out. Yet. Heh...