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Adelae & spatulata...

Just a couple pics for your viewing pleasure...


Nice pics Dyflam! I especially like the adalae pic.... mine never seem to do well. What conditions are you growing yours in (soil, soil moisture, humidity, lighting). Thanks!

noah, it gets filtered sun all morning (through a screen and then pretty much shade. It's in 50/50 peat/perlite and I keep it pretty wet (in a saucer with about a half inch of water). The humidity ranges from about 60% to 100%. I tried growing it in more direct sun and the color got better but I think it suffered a little from the combination of sun and heat.
Dyflam, How big is this Adelae?

Mine never seem to make it beyond a 2.5 inch diameter (they brown and die before getting any bigger), and was wondering if this was normal. Luckily, they produce zillions of plantlets from the tips of their leaves before dying off, so that I can keep the thing going - however, I'd like to see one live long and become large someday