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Activated Charcoal?

I read some where that you are supposed to add activated charcoal to a VFT's soil, I hadn't heard a lot of talk about it in this forum, and I was wondering what people thought of it? Is it good or bad? and what does it do?
I also wanted to know if it is ok to have a VFT planted in just sphagnum moss, not sphagnum peat moss. But just the moss itself, or will this kill the plant? thanks
I am new at this VFT thing, but I bought one that is strickly planted in spagnum moss, and it seems to be doing ok. I am not saying that it is good, because I don't know, but I've had it since April, and it is continuously growing new traps.

Lets see what the others say...
Straight sphag is okay for VFTs, just make sure it doesn't stay too wet.

As far as activated charcoal goes, you can add it and it shouldn't have any negative effects that I can think of. I do not recommend using it if you plan on making the excuse later of "I can water with tap water and the charcoal will keep it safe" or "I don't need to repot because of the charcoal." Activated charcoal does have de-tox properties but it will not make salt laden water safe and, like all organic compounds, will break down so anything it absorbs will eventually be released.
I personally would not use it
I feel that there is no need and it is said that it will just dry the plant out most of the time bacause it takes or draws it to itsself rather then letting the plant have it and yet others say it causes a problem of mold cause it usually holds water to a great extent
I would advise against it, as pyro states it will break down and release whatever it has absorbed. I grow all my Dionaea in straight live moss. The evaporative properties help cool the roots, important for me as the plants are in full sun, and the loose airy qualities let me flush the pots quickly and easily.