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About the leaf plantlets...

I have this one Ping Primuliflora in a terrarium. It has one 1/4" plantlet on a leaf. All of the plantlets are forming on the side of the plant that faces the sun. Whenever I planted the ping in the terrarium, I didn't kmow they made plantlets so the lil plantlets are, as they get bigger, are getting squashed up against the glass. Should I transplant the mother plant or remove the biggest plantlet which is in the most danger?

Thanks! :biggrin:
If it was me, I would just move the largest plantlet and not disturb the mother plant. But that is just me.
Good luck with what ever you decide. Jack
Remove the mother plant , and do not disturb all plantlets . Do this because Pinguicula Primuliflora are short lived plants and tend to rot , they spread by producing plantlets at the tips of their leaves which is helpful for propragation
Thanks yall, i transplanted the mother plant to a more open area in the terrarium and the one leaf w/ the large plantlet just sorta fell off very easily so i put it another terrarium, and i noticed that there are two other spots already w/ forming plantlets. Thank you!!