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A Utah based Carnivorous Plant Society

Dear members:

I live in Orem, Utah and love growing carnivorous plants. I would love to join a CP society where plant sells, trades, and talk goes on but I live too far from most societies available. In Utah, I have not heard anything of one already existing, and since I wish I could be apart of one I'd like to organize one for those of us who live here in Utah.

Please, if you live in Utah and are interested in such a society, post here so that I can get an actual number of how many of us there are. Furthermore, if you are interested in being involved in the organizing of a Utah Carnivorous Plant Society please PM me.

PLUSIf there is anyone from bordering states that do not belong to a CP Society and other societies such as the Colorado CP Society is too far for them, and a Utah based society interests you please post also.

I hope there are at least 20 or so people within the area who are interested in forming the society. Thank you for reading this.

Aaron King (Odysseus)
Well I don't have much time for a society but I do live in Ogden. Give me a warning if you ever head up this way.

Hey!! Just to know that there is at least one more CPer around makes me happy!
I understand if you don't have time for a society, no problem, just knowing that you are around makes it more possible. I often make the drive from Orem to Idaho and sometime I'd be glad to stop by and see what you're growing! Thanks for replying! Plus, I'll keep you posted about the society, just for interest sakes. Take Care Joseph.
Reviving this thread.

From what I have seen years later more and more Utah CP growers have started to exist, is it easier to find more interest in this? Hope you Utah CP enthusiasts see this! :D
I'm a CP'er in Salt Lake City. I also have been interested in some sort of society in Utah for quite a while. I think the main issue for most of us is time, and the inertia needed to just get it started. If anyone comes through salt lake and wants to see what I have, feel free to contact me and we can set something up :)
I know there are several more members in Utah, and I personally know a couple of Utah CP'ers who aren't on terraforums. The problem is getting their attention.
Yeah, I agree about getting and keeping their attention will be one of the hard parts, even harder will be finding time that works for everyone. So unlike many CP societies out there, we probably won't do meet ups every month but start slow at first with maybe 3 a year.

I will finish the website this week and get a registration form going to get the member list started.