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A thanks to petflytrap...

I recieved my order from the Sarracenia bulb sale petflytrap had, everything came in exelent condition, they had run out of sarracenia x catsbei, so they sent me wrogleania as a substutute, 7 crowns! (I ordered 3 catsbeis and 3 wrigleania) so they sent me a free plant!
I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you to Phil Crane, who sent me the plants and kindly made the forums for carnivorous plant lovers from around the world to enjoy. Thanks Phil.

I also got my order today. Had some substitutions, but very nice substitutions. I am very happy with the order and I will be planting my mini bogs tonight.

I got my plants today too. It was such a good deal I ordered 3 of everything (exept S.purpurea, I got plenty of them.)
I got S.flava x purpurea catsbaei but the S.leucophylla RED was substituded.

But overall I'm very happy.
Thanks Phill IT was well worth the wait.
I haven't recieved my orders yet, but my first two orders were substantial, and I was happy, and I am glad for the good word from you guys. I fully expect a nice order for the sale, and I'm quite excited.
I also got my stuff yesterday. Everything was in great condition, especially the Leucophylla 'Red'. But I was suprised that there weren't any substitutions. I'm going to plant them out in my minibog now, with the rest of my sarrs.
Thanks Phil

I received my order this morning. Everything is in wonderful shape and I am planning my next order.
I recieved it last week. Very nice plants, especially for the price. They even threw in an extra one because one was so small.
Awz, you guys are making it hard to wait untill the weather stablises up here.

Oh and while we are on it. Thank you PFT for the little 2.5inch red dragon from the fall sale. I'm happy to report it is now well stablised and nearly doubled in size with new leaves coming in bigger and redder every few days!
Your all making me jealous!

I am spending my money on a new terrarium so I'm not buying anything. But they all sound very nice!
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It was very nice for all of you to write such positive comments! Phil really appreciates the kind words now and then...makes all of his hard work worth the effort
He takes great pride in sending out only the best plants and it's great to hear feedback from the members