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A runt!

I have four flytraps that I started last spring, all in the same big pot.  Three have increased greatly in size and are sending out numerous leaves and, this week, flower stalks.  The spring explosion!  I'll trim the stalks off, of course, but it's a sign of great vigor that they are flowering.

One, however, is a little runt.  It's alive and growing, all right, but it's less than half the size of the others and hasn't tried to flower.

Of course, I'm calling it Wilbur.

Any ideas on this variation?  There are no parasites, fungus, or anything of that sort.    Temp and light have been the same.  Other than size, the leaves are perfectly shaped and of good color.  Yet Wilbur just doesn't grow half as well.  

Well, plants are sold by size not age so it could be a slower growing seed plant. Or, it's just a runt. My oldest flytrap is the same way, it has just been outsized by my youngest plant and thats a red dragon, lol.