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A new species discovered again by Fernando !

A new Pinguicula species discovered by Fernando Rivadavia in Mexico with large red flowers, each inflorescence with up to 5 flowers !

A Mexican "P. ramosa " !

Unbelievable !

have a look here : link
I thought Fernando was a better taxonomist! That is not a Pinguicula, it is a Utricularia. Same family, different genus.
Thats amazing!  Incredible discovery!  
 (Personally I thought it looked a bit like Drosera...but what do I know).  
Man thats a cruel joke! I honestly thought I was going to see a new breathtaking excedingly rare species!
That's was april fools BUT in fact Fernando found a new species in Tonola :

and saw the soon published P. nivalis, P. pilosa

Soon he will go again in Chiapas and Oaxaca and may possible find new species again !