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A nep and a frog...

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I can't believe it. This guy destroyed the best pitcher on my N. coccinea. Oh well... there's more coming (and the frog looks happy).

here froggie froggie jump over here. my pitchers are hungery
Yeah. Think I'd take a little revenge, and serve lunch to my plants

I am guessing you live in Florida, by looking at the pic(or Cuba is a possibility...) since that is a nice Cuban tree frog. Send em my way
I love those things. I have six at the moment in a tank at home. These gus get big enough to do some digging and upset pitchers.


hey griffin, i live in florida too, so does dyflam

i found one of those under my purpurea, i havnt seen em alot, and i live right across a lake form a small forest,

out of curiosity how do u keep it as a pet? maybe i can catch one and put in a 10 gal terrarium and try it out ;p

realyh intersting, we got ALOT og ghekos too
That frog is really cute, even if he destroyed that pitcher!

Seeing frogs and lizard and things things going around the plants is the coolest thing in the world!
I just love going to check my plants in the morning and seeing anoles jumping from pot to pot licking the nectar from the pitchers.
I just planted 2 neps next to my shadehouse so hopfully now I'll find mor cool animals hangin around them!


Some of the Florida growers consider these a prime pest around green houses becasue they dig into the peat in the pots.
Very easy frogs to maintain. They like it warm and prefer humid and mine are not even that at he moment, lol. A temp of 80F-90F would be sufficient. top for the tank is a must.
A water dish for them to drink and climb into and most of your organic stuff you use for Neps would work for a substrate. peat is great, so is bark and sphagnum. Organic over pebbles because it will digest when accidentally swallowed. Crickets make an ideal food sourse as do most insects. I try to dust with a suppliment found at your pet stores. Reptiles and Amphibians don't seem to be able to keep calcium levels up in activity, with the exception of snakes that eat mice. Mice are fully nutritional. If you look on the internet you will find plenty of advice on these frogs.


Another frog.  Not so happy  

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Are you sure? He lloks like he's saying, "Come on in guys! The water's fine!"


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Hi Joe,

Oh no! I was there, I clearly heard him cry:

"I've lost my swimming trunks! Someone throw me a towel".

True story.