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A little of dirt in my sarra. purpurea...

HI all, I have a question for anyone who can give me any info on this??? Will peat moss desolve in a pitcher? I had some problem with the storm that came into the San Francisco bayarea, mostly the wind, cause it knocked down my plants. I had dirt in the pitcher (sarra. purpurea) and I sprayed some of it off but I didn't get all of them. I didn't want to put my plants upside down since it had enough shock from the wind. What can I do so it doesn't get knocked down again? I have it in a 6" pot, with peat and sand, should I repot it in a bigger pot and add something with more weight, like lava rock or perlite? And is it okey to repot it now or should I wait till next season to repot it in a bigger pot and a hole new mixture.

And can I do it with my sarracenia minor too, because it got blown down as well....
its alright, you can re-pot it right now, and besides, it needs perlite in the mix, try a 50/50 peat/perlite mix, you can put a thin top dressing of long fibered sphagnum, and then a very thin layer of lava rock on top of the long fibered sphagnum, believe me, you can do it, I did it with one of my sarras last year, and it grew fine. dirt shouldn't hurt the pitchers, it might mold though...
where in the san fransisco area do you live? I live in that area as well! (monterey) I've seen about 5 people in this area post on pft, but I've met only one person. (Cephalotus88)
Thanks for the advice. If it does mold should I cut it off, or should I leave it?? As for your question, I live in San Francisco, By the Noe Valley area. I might attend Bug day at the Randell Museum on May 17, I also e-mailed Zach A while ago, but I haven't seen him personaly..
if the inside of the pitcher molds, don't cut it, it happens to me all the time, but if the outside of the pitcher mold, cut it, and burn it

You should go to the may meeting on may 10 too!
(I think it's on the 10th) bug day isn't really a meeting, at least i think it isn't, it's just a special event where people bring plants, and do feeding demonstrations to people.
If you go to any meetings just look for the person selling raffle tickets, that would be me
Hay Spectabilis I might of remember you when I strolled into the last meeting the bacps had in the park.... Where you the guy giveing out raffle tickets with a little boy??? I'm going to try to go to the one on May 10 but I have to check my calender. It's always good to place a face with a name... I"ll check you out later, and thanks for the tip, I don't wan't to hack of plant parts that the plant is still useing......