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A hole in my trap

  • Thread starter Meagan
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So check this out... I was admiring my traps this morning, and found a big old hole in the center of one of my traps that was closed last night. Guess that bug decided he must get out, and ate himself a hole to crawl through! Has anyone ever seen this before?
I have had a bug rot a hole into some of my traps.  But I have never seen one eat through it!  Do you know what kind of bug was in there?
Hi Meagan,
I've got a trap on one of my plants with a hole in it, too. It happened about two weeks ago. The trap hasn't died though so I've just left it alone.
I kind of had a thing like this happen only the bug chewed through the cilia of the trap before it made a complete seal around the bug. But i cursed the bug and poked it back into the trap with a toothpick before it was totally closed hehe.
Japanese beetles can do this. My biggest plant digested a small one , but it did plenty of internal damage to the trap first, and I'm going to lose the trap.

My poor tea roses. Black spot, japanese beetles, arrrrg. I hope the plants make it through the winter.

I have also had a hole in my trap appear and suddenly no bug
dont know why he didn't like his comfy little home but oh well I belive mine was an ant but I could be wrong my plant has caughten ants before and nothing happened however it would be interesting to finde out w3hat kinde of bug that was
The same thing happend to me, i was looking at my trap and there was a large hole that i found.I grow my vft in a terrarium and i think i found the convict,it was a small beetle.
He died a horrible death to some of my other plants
so i hope it doesnt happen again. I was also wondering what i should do wit the trap. Leave it alone or trim it.