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a good fungicide?

is *Bonomyl* (Dimethyl 4, 4-0-phenylenebis-3,thioallophanate) 50%
a good fungicide?
Banrot and Cleary 3336 is what we use in the greenhouse here.

I don't think that I have played with Bonomyl.

What are you wanting to use the fungicide for ( I know this might seem like a weird question, but I mean, for prevention, transplanting, immediate treatment... )
It's a good fungicide, and will kill just about any fungus. However, it's pretty nasty stuff and I would wear gloves and a breathing mask when you use it.
the soil on my plants are starting to get some white fuzzy mold, i wanna get rid of that and i wanna use it for dormancy.
jaie, i just read at the "yardgeek" that bonomyl has the same active ingredient as cleary 3336

sarracenia, thanks for the tip i didnt know it was so nasty.