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A good cp greenhouse in va?

Does anyone know of a good cp greenhouse in Virginia. I can appreciate the quality of plants from online growers but would rather pick my own plants.
Hi there

As I mentioned before, there are two CP growers in Virginia. Botanique in Charlottesville who supplies many nurseries throughout Virginia with bog/carnivorous plants and Meadowview Biological Research Station. Botanique does not have retail space so you can't go there to shop and buy plants (though perhaps they'd arrange for you to pick them up to save shipping). Meadowview (near Thornburg VA) is a non-profit organization for restoration of bogs/CPs in Virginia. They offer some plants for sale as way to fund their conservation/preservation projects. You can go there to visit by arrangement and they occasionally have CP events. Phil Sheridan is the director.

is there anything closer to Richmond? I only ask because I'll be going to VCU for the next four years and I intend to expand my cp collection
Hi Cynic

There is nothing that I know of. CP nurseries aren't that common and I feel lucky that VA has Meadowview and Botanique. I would think many states have none.

If there are any other VA CP nurseries, I don't know of them.

I hope you enjoy VCU. Its grown sooo much. The campus sprawls all over downtown. There are TONS of new buildings. Hope you got some strong legs for walking.